Monday, February 22, 2010

Turkey Madness!

So this morning I have this turkey breast that has to be cooked today and for Christmas I got a roaster. I was so excited to try out my new roaster and I unwrapped it from the box very carefully (treating it like a baby) I read all of the instructions, cleaned it well and plugged it in... Well it started smoking! I thought that maybe I didn't rinse off all of the soap from cleaning it, but then I noticed a dent in my brand new roaster! Sure enough the smoke was coming from that dent, so with my heart broken I couldn't use that roaster, I have to take it back and I'm just relieved that I got it from Walmart and not Target because I know that Walmart will take it back!

So now I was thinking how am I going to cook this turkey? It has to start cooking now and I don't have a roaster and I don't have a roasting pan for my oven. So I got online and found Crockpot turkey!? So with high hopes I started to unwrap my turkey and I'm looking at this bird and I’m so mad! The store sold me a rotten turkey then I'm thinking... wait I know that smell. The Turkey gravy packet is broken, so no gravy tonight... then I get even more mad!

So tonight I'm having crockpot turkey with no gravy and yeah maybe a waste of 20 bucks!

Ugh the things we go through just to cook dinner!


Bethany said...

Ugh. I hate chains of events like that. So frustrating.

On the bright side, if you have chicken broth you can make a quick pan gravy. Over medium high heat melt 2 tbsp of butter. Whisk in 2 tbsp of flour. Pour in 2 cups of broth. Stir occasionally as it warms and thickens. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Here's to a better afternoon for you!

Bleu and Mickaela said...

You can make the gravy from the liquids from the turkey. Super easy. Just put the drippings in a pan on med-high heat, get it boiling and add some flour water mixture to thicken it up. Add a little salt and pepper and voila! Turkey Gravy.

Jamie Hamblin said...

I love my friends! Thanks for making me think outside the box lol.

Jessie said...

OK, this is freaky! I too woke up this morning, and was going to make my very first attempt at the very first turkey breast/bone-in thingy I've ever bought. You see, I got a new crockpot months ago just for this reason, and haven't tried it yet.
I stuck that giant, gross, raw bird in (I have issues with being grossed out easily by food - especially raw meat) just to find that it didn't quite fit! Why in the world did I buy a bigger crockpot if it won't even fit a smallish turkey breast?! Well, I squashed that thing down, threw in some water and a couple gravy packets - the dry kind - and I'm hoping for the best. I'll be SO mad if it doesn't work out.

Anyway - funny to share a turkey frustration with you on the very same day.

Here's hoping our dinners turn out tonight!