Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Ugh so my "female" Doctor that I've had since... heck junior High is moving! I'm so so so sad! I mean I have her personal cell phone number, how many doctors get that close to patients?

So now here I am 5 months pregnant and I have to go doctor shopping! I have to trust someone I just met with delivering my baby safely! I've been kinda stressed can you tell? Any who here are a few names that I have and I wanted to see if anyone has them... if they like them... and so on.

Julia Johansson- Circle of Life
Jed Naisbitt- Circle of Life (he delivered me ha ha I was his 2 ever delivery)
Karen Boheen- Layton tanner clinic I think?

Any who there they are, if you know them, have them, please let me know~

So funny story for the gals that read this. So do you know when you go to the "female" doctor and you have to pee in the cup? Well Justin couldn't come to the last appointment so Beckham came with me and he was in the restroom when I had to pee in the cup then he saw me send it through the wall and he kept looking at me funny. We proceeded with the appointment and after I was done he told me he had to go potty. So I opened the door and waited outside in the hall. Well he was taking forever so I walked in and he was naked, I thought that he was going to go number 2 (yes he has to be naked to go! SO annoying... he doesn't want to get poo on his clothes he says. We were at a friends house having dinner and next thing you know beckham is running to the potty naked. Anyone have pointers?) So anyways I told him that he couldn't go poop here naked and that he had to keep his clothes on but he looked at me with the most focused face and said "no mom, I have to send my pee through the wall, you can't put it in the potty here" I started laughing and did everything I could to stop him but all in all he sent his pee through the wall. The ladies on the other side were laughing so hard and told me not to worry about it. Justin is so going next appointment!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Sidebar

Did anyone notice the new sidebar?

Now that you've scrolled down and screamed. I'll tell you the whole story!

March was really hard for me. Constantly getting calls from the Hospital making sure that I had everything in order for the coming birth of Nora. (Ya you’d think that they knew I had a stillborn, but apparently the maternity ward had miss placed my papers) So with the calling and constant reminders it was really hard. But we also got to see one of the Lords Tender Mercies. He knew how hard March would be and so He has blessed us with a pregnancy. Can you believe it? I still can’t. We weren’t even “trying” and weren’t going to for a few more months so we could give our broken hearts a rest. But the Lord knew something we needed and blessed us. He doesn’t stop there either, I’m due November 10 and our doctor says she wants to take us a week early which means I’m due on Nora’s birthday. It still gives me chills to think about that. I know how hard November is going to be and so does the Lord, so He gave us a gift.

That still doesn’t take away that this a nerve-wracking experience. I have faith, but having faith still doesn't take away all the uncertainty. For me its like, yes I have faith, faith in God's will, but I don't know what that will is, what if His will is to take this one too? That would be so hard, but at the same time I know that if that’s His will that is what is best in the eternal scheme of things. I know that Heavenly Father understands it all and that gives me comfort. He knows how I feel and I’m always in His best interest. I’m trying not to worry TOO MUCH but I have my moms genes so that doesn’t help... LOL. (Yes mom you are a worry wart) I’m currently 20 weeks. We have had a many doctors appointments and there is a heartbeat and a “Strong baby” according to all of our doctors. We are so excited and I pray that everything will go well with this one!!

When Justin was away on business last week the baby’s kicks stared to get stronger and on Saturday Justin felt the baby for the first time. I was so happy. He never could feel Nora and to this day I still feel guilty about that. I feel sad because I was the only one who could feel her when she was alive.

Only a close few knew that I'm pregnant. I bet I could still go a few more weeks at church before people start getting wandering eyes towards my belly. Justin thinks that I'm pushing it. What do you think?

Not big eh? What if I show you the progress though...

Now you can tell! Besides I think that I can start telling people... we're past the so called "Safe stage".

We had another appointment today and it was our "big" ultrasound. Everything looked great. No concerns for the doctors. It was so surreal getting good news for once. The sad thing though was that when we walked out of the ultrasound room... the “scary room” was occupied. The room where bad news is given. I could see the couple there sitting on those dreadful seats crying. I wanted to just tell them that I knew how they felt and although it’s so difficult it gets a little better with time. I pray that they find some comfort. I was really nervous for this appointment. This was the appointment when we found out that Nora had passed. This is the week that I lost her so I've been so nervous. But all is well and I can try to be happy and not worry again!

Here are a few shots of the little bean....

Trying to tell if it was a boy or girl was really hard. The baby was in a weird position not to mention its arm over its face...

But the verdict is in and....

We are so excited! To be honest I'm relieved that it's a boy. If I were to have a baby girl on Nora's birthday I think that would have been too much for me. Again the Lord knew exactly what we needed. The only bad thing about a boy is that Justin and I are going to have to compromise on a name. We had a girl name.. of course. But for the boy we both have our favorites, well he does. We are both thrilled that we having everything too. Wow I don't have to buy anything... I don't think. Maybe a few onsies but that's it!

Any who I love you all and I'll keep you posted about this baby! Still can't believe it! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So I've been apart of the challenges at gg digital designs and this challenge going on right now is so fun! I love color challenges... it makes me be creative and it also helps me move along with my pages faster. Here is the page that I did.

Also her latest kit is pretty cute if I might say so...

Go here to check it out.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What a Week

Seriously this week has been so Blah... it's like the re-enactment of the week Justin's grandma died.

It started out so frantic and crazy. My Sisters wedding was the biggest headache. The night before her wedding we were frantically getting things ready that she should have done MONTHS before... (That's right Jen MONTHS! LOL) Then on the day of her wedding, we couldn't find the music for her reception, couldn't get the slide show to work, and people who said they would didn't show up to help decorate. So half of her decorations weren't even seen because they weren’t put out. Did I mention that her new husband didn’t show up to the reception until 7:10 and it started at 6:30, so we didn’t get any pictures. (Note to people planning a wedding... Go to a reception hall. Seriously I don't think Jenny and Shaun realized how much stress it put on everyone)
Our wedding was so nice... we all just showed up at 5 for pictures, ate a little then after the reception was over we all just left and the people who decorated it cleaned it all up. No stress no mess.
After her wedding, 1 day in fact, My mom, sister and I came down with the worst food poising EVER. Bad enough that I had to go to the doctor. I don't think that I've ever been that sick in my life. Seriously. Thank Heavens for my good friends in the ward who came and brought me Jell-O, crackers and sprite. Also for my mother in law who took Beckham for the day and night. After 2 days of that mumbo jumbo junk, I still don't feel all that well. Now I have the worst case of acid indigestion...
Beckham had the worst day yesterday too. He pretty much got kicked out of swimming lessons for the day for punching Ryker (his cousin) in the face and for being rude to his teacher. Talk about the walk of shame for me. Beckham has never EVER been that way. I don't know what was wrong, he wouldn't mind, eat, sleep. He was saying the meanest things to me too which has never happened before. Just a really bad day for the little guy. I think I called my Mom 4 times crying telling her that I didn't know what to do.
Then last night my cat died... so awful, so hard. The feelings of Nora's death replayed in my head while I was at the animal ER at 12:30am with a crying son and mom. Saying my last good byes to a cat that I've had for 14 years was difficult. Like Nora, I knew that he was going to go soon I just was not ready for it. You think that you are and you talk yourself into thinking that the sooner it’s over the better, then all you think about is having one more minute with your loved one when you can’t. It's amazing how animals become apart of your family. I'll miss Tonto so much. The last days of his life were so hard for me. He was in so much pain and struggling for his life, I know that he's in a better place but it still sucks.
Did I mention that Justin is gone on business? Yeah... I've had to do all of this without my main support, my little shoulder to cry on, my sane hubby who tells me exactly what I need to hear when I’m going through tough things. I miss him. :(
The only good news this week is that I’ve lost 6 pounds, because of being sick, and that Beckham has been really happy with potatoes and gravy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal, frozen chicken nuggets (that I bought for the first time and about died when I saw the health and ingredient lists) frozen pizza where I also died again and mac and cheese for all meals. I think I know why he had a bad day now... his little body isn’t used to all of this so so food. He’s used to a well balanced diet. Heck if he had a choice he’d eat cucumbers over ice cream. (He didn’t get that from me either!) I really need to go shopping but again being a little sick and being sad over a death of a cat and a bad week, wipes you out good.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I found my old Love

Okay so I haven't cooked in the crock pot for awhile... due to the fact that we are grilling all the time with this nice weather.

But I was cleaning under the sink today and I found these!

It seriously makes me want to pull out the crock pot! I love dinners where there is no cleanup! I need to make a deal with Justin that if I cook, he cleans! (he always helps me clean up dinner so don't get the wrong impression) But maybe I can talk him into doing it himself. With these babies I'm sure he'll jump all over it, heck all he'll have to do is wipe out the crock pot with a paper towel and put it away!

So in honor of my found friends! Here are a couple of recipes that we cook in the crock pot!

This one is from sistersstuff, it's the same recipe as mine but they have a picture. It's Italian Chicken. (I don't know about you, but I love recipes with pictures. I need to get in the habit of taking a picture of my dishes so I can put them on the recipe cards. But we are way too impatient to wait for a picture to be taken, we just jump right into dinner)

Here are a couple from me, my Mother-in-law, and one from my friend Brooke that we enjoy.

(these are 4x6 cards and I just print them out at Walmart so if you like any of them feel free to snag them)

I have tons more recipes that we cook in the crock pot, actually ones that are our absolute favs... but I still need to make into cards. One day I'll get them done and I'll post more!

Have a Crock pot day!