Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby gifts and a fun firecracker

So the ward I'm in is a baby producing ward! I think that we invented the Baby BOOM! No joke. I'm not saying I don't like it, I love it! I can get my baby fix every Sunday! So I've seriously been a slacker/crazy busy and haven't had time to give them all their baby gifts even though most of them are 1 month old. whoops oh well. Any who, I made these Binky clips and hopefully they like em. I tried them out on Beckham's old Binky's and they worked so hopefully they fit the Binky's they use. this one is the girl...

And here is the boys! This one is funny, I sent Justin out to get a baby boy ribbon and this is what he comes back with...camo. Not baby blue or some little cute design... camo. So hopefully all you moms that had boys in my ward like camo! lol.

If heather and the girls we visit teach read my blog, sorry to ruin the fun but you are getting these for July. I saw them on another blog and decided hey, they're cute and easy. I used a package of roll-Os. and wrapped it in cute paper with a bow and wha-la... you have a firecracker.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fabric Albums

I saw these and fell in love with the idea. I love it when people give instructions so you don't have to try and figure it out on your own~

Materials: Book cloth tape, patterned paper, chipboard, Super Tacky Tape and a glue stick.

Go to Ali Edwards blog to get the instructions!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Harry Potter Tickets on sale TODAY

So I signed up for the email update to tell me when they went on sale and Bam it happened today. Tickets were going fast! But there are still a lot left~

Go here to get yours!

Did i mention that I'm super excited? YAAAAHHHHHOOOOOOOOO

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My mini projects

Are you ready fo the projects?

First up we have some shirts! Beckham Loves pirates so I made him a pirate shirt... (he calls the skull and cross bones pirates it's so funny)

Next is the Prophet Tile... It's pretty on my end table.

THen we have a scrapbook page mounted on foam core... (simple way to decorate)

Ah, Beckham's favorite, the crayon jar. I did a jar because the crayon boxes would be smashed and ripped in a few seconds!

The quite book! What else is there to say? It's just a felt picture album that beckham flips through on sundays.

Magnets! If you are in my ward, you recieved one of these in relief society when I taught on easter.

Magnet board for Beckhams room. I hate having the abc magnets on my fridge so I made a board just for him!

Glass pan etching! So you never loose a pan again at a get together!

My recent favorite, my tile necklace of beckham! I have one of Justin and Beck together too!

Have you guys seen the hammered rings? Well I figured out how to make 'em...

Here is the necklace that I put together for them.

And finally Easter baskets! I was sick of the lame ones at the store so I made us each one! :) Beckham is orange, Justin is Blue and I'm Pink.

Digital Scrapbook Memories SALE

Okay my digital buddies... The company that I work for is having a huge sale this week! A lot of their Cd's are only 5 dollars instead of 25! I recommend getting some, This is a fantastic deal!

go here to get 'em