Monday, March 29, 2010

You've Been Egged!

I've been waiting until I possibly can't wait anymore. I made this cute litte thing

using 2 kits (The Hunt is on) and (Spring has Sprung) from gg digital designs. I had to wait until the last minute because then everyone in the ward is going to know who started the egging in our neighborhood. LOL. I can't help it though, I grew up with traditions like this so it's only natural to do it. Plus everyone likes to know that they have people and families thinking about them. I just love Easter and how it reminds us of our Saviors deeds. We need to be constantly serving others and lifting them up, even if it's a cheesy thing like this. "Let us remember that acts of kindness with pure motives and righteous purposes can be and are encouraged to be done in quietness, gentle voices, and in privacy" -Marvin J. Ashton. I love how this quote fits this.

You'll never know if you'll be egged tomorrow. LOL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hard Week

So last Friday... the 19th, Nora was due and I couldn't help but walk around the house and wish that she was here. I tried and tried to be happy and to keep busy (now I have too many unfinished projects) and nothing worked really. The thing that maybe worked best was writing in my journal, looking at her pictures and knowing that I'll see her again. (I love Easter season it reminds us that we can be together forever someday)

So in honor of her "Due Date" here is a page that I did a few months ago honoring her.

People always ask to see photos but they are personal and people need to remember that she fit in the palm of my hand...from head to toe and that means she is special... if you know what I mean. Here is the ones I feel comfortable showing. :)

Anyways I wanted to thank GG digital designs for the FREE kit that I used.

I'll post the projects that I did while having her in my mind soon... I just need to finish them first. LOL

Monday, March 15, 2010

Job Chart

So I've had a few family members and friends ask me about Beckham's job chart...

I am in love with this thing! Beck is more willing to help me with his chores because of this chart. When he does his chores everyday he gets 25 cents... I know cheap but he has no idea and he loves to go to the dollar store once a week for a prize.

I actually got it from my dear friend Brooke and she has it available for download on her blog here. I just adapted it to fit my needs~

I hope that you enjoy.



Wednesday, March 10, 2010

GG Digital Designs

Most of you know that I am apart of the CT for GG Digital designs. Being a member of the creative team at GG Digital Designs is so awesome. I absolutely LOVE their designs. They are so fresh and unique. I want to share some of my LO and designs so several Wednesdays a month I'll be sharing the newly released kits and the layouts/projects I create with them.

Here is my latest LO with her latest Kit called...

The Hunt Is On:

They're having a crazy deal right now so I thought that I'd share the love

And for more exciting news they're having a CT call! So Apply, you know you want to!