Monday, March 29, 2010

You've Been Egged!

I've been waiting until I possibly can't wait anymore. I made this cute litte thing

using 2 kits (The Hunt is on) and (Spring has Sprung) from gg digital designs. I had to wait until the last minute because then everyone in the ward is going to know who started the egging in our neighborhood. LOL. I can't help it though, I grew up with traditions like this so it's only natural to do it. Plus everyone likes to know that they have people and families thinking about them. I just love Easter and how it reminds us of our Saviors deeds. We need to be constantly serving others and lifting them up, even if it's a cheesy thing like this. "Let us remember that acts of kindness with pure motives and righteous purposes can be and are encouraged to be done in quietness, gentle voices, and in privacy" -Marvin J. Ashton. I love how this quote fits this.

You'll never know if you'll be egged tomorrow. LOL


Heather said...

What a cute idea! You are always so creative!

Brooke said...

Darling idea, Jamie!!!!! I love it.

House of Smith's said...

There is a scratch and dent store at RC Willey. That is the only one that I know of.
I can't remember the exact location, but if you google them, I'm sure it will come up!
Hope that helps.

Just dandee said...

Hee Hee! I thought it might be you. You're creativity gave you away. My boys loved it though!!!