Friday, September 25, 2009


Monday, September 14, 2009

SO so so SO Mad!

So we all know that I like The twilight series... well I'm a big movie junkie too. So I always sign up for the email they send out the day before they put tickets on sale. But this time I didn't get it! Yeah, so today I was just thinking that Justin and I haven't been to a movie so I thought we could go. Then BAM... guess what I saw...

"Breaking news: New Moon Tickets on sale now"

So I'm freaking out going through all of the movie times and EVERYTHING is SOLD OUT. The only thing they had open was the Junction at 3:00 am. Lame! or I can spend 2 days at the Layton theater waiting in line and hope I get a good seat. So instead... for the first time ever... I'm going the next day at 7:00pm!

But there is good news... Justin said, "Babe I'll go with you and be your date" So that made me feel better. Love you sweetie...

I'm still way mad about my email though! GGGGggggrrrrr!!!

Also if you haven't seen the new trailer, check it out!