Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter!

Yes... it was last night, I mean early this morning! lol. You can tell how excited Justin is in these pictures to be wearing glasses which I made him wear. So I read to see how much money it made just for the midnight show and it made an astounding $20 million again just for the midnight show last night/I mean this morning! Can you believe it? WOW

To be honest though, being a real HP fan I was so disappointed in this movie. It was nothing like the book and it definitely missed a lot of information that is almost vital in understanding the 7th book. There were so many things left out: the huge fight at Hogwarts at the end of the book, it wasn't even shown or let alone mentioned: the loved and hated characters getting killed: Fawks singing at the funeral: the movie also left out the life of Voldemort and how he became dark: the scene with Harry and Ginny was not correct and I liked the books version better: Also the death of Dumbledore was poorly betrayed because he didn't act like he was dying from the poison he drank from the cave, and also Harry wasn't forzen under the invisibility cloak. Instead he hid under the stair well. Which in my opinion he'd never just stand there and watch him die like that. This was definitely the only HP movie that was not as good or better than the book. The loss of so many loved characters that was not even put in this movie was a huge mistake. Hopefully the movies stick more to the books and are as dark and creepy as the books are.


Annie said...

Hey! The blog world is always a fun way to connect. I'm glad you found me. bummer on the HP movie. I'm still dying to see it.

Heather said...

I love the top pic with you and Justin, so dang cute and what a great sport.