Thursday, July 9, 2009

HaPpY fOuRtH oF JuLy

This little title I made is from a new digi kit called old glory... LOVE IT. it's from You should check it out! Super cute!

What a fun fourth we had! Even though we just got back from Yellowstone and were dead tired! (I'll post pics soon)

SNAPS! What more to say, I wish I had these all year round... it seriously kept him busy for 2 hours while we waited for the parade!

AH, you know me... needed a pic of us!

If you went to the Clearfield parade you probably got as much candy as we did!... too much! This is the candy stuck in beckham's teeth!

We also went swimming that day! We hadn't been in FOREVER and we'll be going again soon! Beckham LOVED it.

ha ha ha look at his goggles!

After the swimming we had a BBQ as did everyone else but we had all of my favorite summer things... this flag fruit pizza.

The best peach dessert ever... no joke! so good.

My favorite pasta salad that has 5 ingredients!

Ah hamburgers and hot dogs, enough said!

After the BBQ we went to the Layton fireworks with my mom. This is her favorite Holiday so it was nice to see them with her. Beckham was so cute he kept trying to guess the colors of the fireworks.

Ah sparklers. this should be another thing I should have all year round.

We didn't get to even set off our little fireworks so when we do I'll post those pictures!

Happy July!


Heather said...

What a fun 4th of July! Beckham looks so happy in all of the pics! If you get a chance, I would love the pasta salad recipe. Looks yummy!

jill said...

Wow! What a great holiday for you guys! I'm with Heather, I want that pasta salad recipe, please.

Okay, really, I want ALL the recipes - and I'm not kidding. They all look wonderful.

And so do you, but that's always true.

Debra said...

Ditto on the recipe! We love Yellowstone, what great memories! Looks like your having a fun filled summer:)