Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crue Justin Hamblin

The birth story of our son Crue Justin Hamblin.

I still can’t believe that our son is finally here... I have no idea what my rush was because I’m so tired with my lack of sleep lol. Thankfully I’ve found enough energy to write his birth story.
Monday the 15th of November I had a doctor appointment that I was not looking forward to. I for sure thought that our doctor would say that I’d have to have a c-section but thankfully I dilated enough to have my water broke.
I was so excited you have no idea... I went straight home and started nesting like crazy! I vacuumed, dusted, moped, did laundry and packed the hospital bags. I don’t know if it was the cleaning or the fact that my brain knew that he was coming tomorrow no matter what but I started having contractions. All through the night I was having contractions and by 5 am I told Justin to get up because I think that we needed to head to the hospital. He talked me into staying and eating breakfast so while he got over at Justin’s horrified eyes thinking that I was going to die of pain lol. Because there were 4 the last hour of sleep I walked the house in pain... it wasn’t shortly after that I lost my plug... and let’s just say how disgusting! We were scheduled for 7 am. I know that’s so early for us but we were able to make it to the hospital and on time.
We got there and butterflies were starting to turn in my stomach. I knew that this was it. For some reason I kept telling myself that something would happen and that we’d have another stillborn. I know, my brain does that sometimes. We were quickly moved into our birthing room and hooked up and ready to go. The doctor came in at around 9 and broke my water.... and when she checked me I was already a 3+ as apposed to yesterdays 1and a half. As soon as she broke my water she said to get the epidural and I thought that man, these aren’t too bad, I can handle this. So I opted not to have the epidural right away. I always thought that you didn’t progress fast when you got the epidural. But that was an old wives tale because I went pretty fast. By 12 I was ready for that epidural. I still remember looking of us being induced I had to wait my turn for the epidural. Now I know why my doctor said to get it now and not to wait. Finally the anesthesiologist came in around one and I was so happy to see her. With the epidural in I was feeling better but I still could feel the contractions. Time felt like it went by so much faster... next thing you know it was 2:45 and I was ready to start pushing. I was pushing with the nurse for 15 minutes and by the time the doctor came in I was almost done... I was so wrong about pushing, I thought that you only pushed like 5 time and the baby came out.... I didn’t realize that it was like 5 rounds of pushing 4 times for 15 seconds each.
At 3:13 our beautiful son was half way out but the cord was wrapped around his neck so I had to stop pushing. Finally everything was great again and I gave the final push. He was born at 3:15 and was completely perfect. I was worried when He didn’t start crying.... because a baby's cry is the most beautiful thing in the world at that moment. When the doctor was cleaning his air ways he just looked around really content.
She then placed him on my stomach and I was able to hold him and marvel at him until he started peeing on the doctor, then I was laughing.

Finally he was all cleaned up and I was able to really cuddle him.

I swear I was holding Beckham too. It was surreal to look at him those first few moments. He looked exactly like Beckham. Justin and I took a few minutes to thank our heavenly father before we had Beckham come in. Also we were thinking of a name still. We finally decided on Crue. We chose Crue because we wanted to name one of our kids after Clair, Justin’s dad. His middle name is Rue and so we took his first letter and middle name and combined them. Which gave us Crue.
When Beck did come in it was the most sweetest thing ever. He came in with this big smile just waving at the baby. He couldn’t wait to give him hugs and kisses, just look at him here...

All in all it was great and life couldn’t be better, well maybe more sleep could be better but it’s so worth it. Every yawn and every ache in my body doesn’t matter because we have Crue.

It’s amazing how he’s healed my heart in ways I didn’t think possible.

Crue Justin Hamblin
Tuesday, November 16th
8 lbs 3oz
22 inches long


Danielle said...

Oh Jamie I am sobbing!! I am so happy for you guys!! He is beautiful! I am so glad things went so good! Cant wait to meet him.

Amy said...

Yay!!! I'm soooo happy he is here safe and sound! He is adorable. You deserve this.

Jamie Hamblin said...

lol i just read the post and it doesn't make sense at all! I guess I could use a little more sleep lol! Oh well I'll fix it some day!

Alisha Shaw said...

Jamie, he is GORGEOUS!! What a doll! I'm just so thrilled and excited for your little family!!

DottieLou said...

congratulations... I am so happy for you

Darwin and Kiara said...

Congratulations, Jamie! I'm so happy for you! Crue is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

Jessie said...

CONGRATS! So amazing. Isn't birth just so amazing? It's kind of insane and stressful and wonderful and beautiful all at once. I love hearing birth stories! Thanks for sharing it. And congrats on the gorgeous new baby!I'm so glad it went so well.

Annie's dilated to a 4 right this minute - I'm thinking she's about to go...

Amy said...

He is so perfect!!! I love that he is here, that he is healthy, and that your family feels a little more complete. I love you!!!

Jessie said...

Just FYI - poor Annie isn't officially in labor yet, just hanging out at a 4! Isn't that harsh? That's why I said "about" to go...any minute. She's going nuts.

Teresa said...

I am so happy for your family. I am glad everybody is doing good. Congratulations!

supermombritt said...

I am glad that you got your rainbow baby. I was told that is what babies are called after you have lost some. What a great day to have a baby. My rainbow baby was born on November 17th. I miss you and hope that things are going well with you. We haven't talked in FOREVER and I understand why. I hope I get to see or talk to you soon.--Brittany