Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Beckham had his first ever soccer game last night and was it cute or what!? After 40 minutes of play, about 10 kids running off the field crying because the other kid took the ball away (beckham included but he was crying because he needed a drink LOL) and 3 scored goals later it was over.

Here is the conversation we had after the game..

ME: Beck did you have fun?
BECK: Yeah, it was fun.

ME: Why were you crying?
BECK: I was hot and thirsty.

ME: Why didn't you run over and get a drink?
BECK: Cause I was playing mom

JUSTIN: What was your favorite part?
BECK: Um, I donno...

ME: What do you mean you don't know?
BECK: I liked it all

JUSTIN: That's good.
BECK: Yeah... Can I open my treats?

LOL I seriously think that the treats are his favorite part. He's not sure about kicking the ball away from other kids yet.

It's so funny I think.... all growing up we teach kids to share and play nice, to take turns and be friends. But in soccer we are telling them to take the ball away and to do this and do that. It was funny to see all of the kids react in a way that is somewhat the behavior of them thinking... "Okay, if I take the ball away I am going to get in trouble so I'll wait until he kicks it far"

Here are a few pics of the game!

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Darwin and Kiara said...

That's awesome. I played soccer for 1 year in 3rd grade & I hated it! I hope he really learns to enjoy it! :)

Sharcy and Jeremiah said...

I love that he is getting into sports :) I'm at that same point with Kotah... by the way... I'm so glad my mom called Justin to have him/you guys do the pictures in a few weeks, for some reason all it took was pulling up your website so she could see the pictures and she was on the phone... :) good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!!