Friday, August 6, 2010

Move into the county Gonna eat a lot of peaches!

So my grandpa has apricots and sweet peaches coming out of the wa-zoo! Literally. Two days ago we picked over 150lbs of apricots and you can't even tell. Anyone want apricots? Here is the huge lug we brought home to share with Justin's family.

So what to do with all of these apricots? We usually make apricot jam, juice (my favorite), dried apricots that are de-lish and we do some canning. Seriously though, after peeling that many apricots I get bored really quick. Good thing I have help on the canning today!

As for peaches, well that's a different story! I have tons of recipes that call for fresh peaches. I made not one, but 2 fresh peach pies today! Look at my Becky homemaker skills!

After making the pies I still had a ton of peaches left over so I decided to make a peach smoothie. Then I realized that I had a ton of raspberries in the garden so I made me a raspberry-peach smoothie for me and Beckham! He was very happy!

Can you believe that still, after all of that, I have a ton of peaches left over!? I'm going to have to freeze them and save them for future smoothies~ I get more peaches today too! I bet I bring home another 40lbs! No joke...

With sweet peaches or "cling" peaches you can't really put them up (can them) because they cling to the peach nut and peeling them can be very difficult. So we use them for the baking, eating, freezing, jam, and late night snacks. The canning peaches hopefully won't be ready for another month or so... because I'm kinda tired of peeling peaches to be honest.