Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Babe!

Does anyone else call their hubby babe? I know that my sister Michelle calls her husband baby. Beckham actually started calling me Babe there for awhile. Maybe it's just a family thing.

Any ways... I wanted to share some of the photos we have of Justin's birthday retreat. His uncle Doug was generous enough to let us stay in his cabin up Logan canyon for the weekend and boy did we have fun! I think that the best part of the cabin is that we are so close to Bear Lake, Franklin Basin, red banks and tons of cool fishing locations.

We decided to take beckham to the usual "guaranteed to catch a fish" spot and it was successful yet again! Beckham was able to catch 2 fish with the help of casting from daddy and grandpa.

After fishing we headed back to the cabin for some Oreo Ice Cream cake! It was Delicious!

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The Groothuis Family said...

I call my husband babe too! Sometimes when we're in the store and I say "hey babe come here" our son says "ya babe come over here". Lol. Your little boy is SO cute and looks so happy with his fish!!