Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Updating the House

So slowly but surly Justin and I are finally starting to re-do each room in the house... room by room. When we first moved into the house... (ahem over 2 years ago) that was our plan but you know how those plans go... they never go according to plan. I just finished re-upholstering the couch finally and now I feel I can move on. The first room that we are tackling is the babies room! I've been inspired by so many pictures on the web and I thought that I'd share them. The problem is just settling on my favorite.

So I for sure want to have a design on the walls but I can't decide yet. Hopefully I can figure out what I want soon because we've already got the paint! Look at this cool wall though. I like the idea the only problem is that it's so dark!

Anyone ever say never paint the ceiling? (mom) Well when I was in the design school forever ago it was either you did it and it was awesome or didn't. I personally like ceilings painted. It can seriously make a room so much more interesting! Like for example this room. No baby mobile needed for this room, I'm loving the black and yellow!

When I saw this on the crafting chicks blog I thought you creative little thing~ I love decor that is on the cheap! Because let's be honest in 4 years I'm going to want to change it. I think something like this would be so cool over the crib.

Or something like this with the name spelled out.

Do I really have to comment on this one? I LOVE IT~


Heather said...

I love all of those. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
-Post pictures of your couch re-do. I'm sure it's amazing!

DottieLou said...

i love the striped ceiling... I think I might use that idea

Just dandee said...

Wow!! I leave town for a week and now I have so much to catch up on. I LOVE all your room ideas! So creative. I seriously just don't have the energy anymore to even think about cute stuff like that. Post pics of your couch re-do. And... I am glad you have liked a few of our favorite recipes!

DottieLou said...

Jamie where did you find that yellow room photo