Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fourth of July!

We had a great 4th!

Because Clearfield and Layton celebrated on different days... we had an extra long Holiday. First we hit up Clearfields festivities and had a blast! Then on Sunday we went to one of Layton City's free concerts in the park with my grandpa which was pretty cool because they were honoring World War 2 vets. BTW some of the upcoming concerts look pretty neat. They used to have free movies in the park once a week also that was pretty fun for kids! Any who on Monday it was Layton celebratin' and all I have to say is one of the BEST firework shows I've ever seen from them!

Here is a page I did about the Clearfield parade... I haven't had time to do anymore.

Credits: GG digital Designs Lil Firecracker Kit

Now I'm looking forward to our traditional 24th celebrations... the Bountiful Parade and Bee's Game. Hope everyone is having a great summer like us!

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Jessie said...

We were in Layton for some daytime stuff - Layton's the best for the 4th, I think.
We have yet to let our kids do the night time fireworks. I just can't stand the thought of them going to bed 3 hours late. How lame am I? Maybe next year...

But we can see the Brigham fireworks really well from our backyard, so Louie and I had a lovely bonus backyard date for the show!