Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holidays with the Hamblins

So this might be the latest Christmas post ever, but oh-well at least I’m doing it now!

Our festivities start out at Justin's parents. We usually go wheeling sledding (pull a sled behind a four wheeler in the pasture)

Then it's decorating cookies for santa. Nothing like a good old sugar rush to get you through the night!

Then ah... the non wanted pajamas! LOL we told Beckham that he can open a present and he wasn't too happy about the pajamas from grandma.

Grandma had to make up for the unwanted pajamas by giving Beckham the worst possible toy! A recorder! I was tempted to accidently snap it in half.

Then we take a picture of the gang and head home to await the arrival of Santa!

After we were are all fast asleep Santa Came!

Beckham was still half asleep before he realized that it was Christmas!

Santa had a present that he wanted in the stocking! A green chick!

Then, you know us, family pictures

Do you like our pajamas? I made them! (minus the shirts, I'm not that crafty)

We then tempted to eat what appeared to be a gross casserole, but it was actually good. Really good in fact.

We had the traditional Monkey bread which was good eats.

Then off to the most dreadful present! Creepy crawlers. I seriously wish Justin didn't get it. We have to grow bugs everyday! I'm not kidding either... everyday!

Justin got a wii and a shotgun from santa!

I got a Kitchen aid stand mixer, food processor, a new ring, and a new picture of me and Justin! ahhh

After our Christmas morning dies down the parents (aka grandmas and grandpa) come over to see the loot! Justin also got a childhood favorite... Rockem' sockem' Him and his dad had a little tournament!

Then a few days later it's Christmas with my side of the family!

Beckham was really funny. After Christmas morning he came up to me and said "Mommy, I got all my presents but one, Santa forgot max and ruby" I then told him "Maybe santa told someone else to get it for you?" So here is his excited face that Santa didn't forget!

My mom got in trouble this year because she as always did too much. She got us a really nice set of pans, a grill, and a few wii games... just to name a few!

We always ride the trax to see temple square

It was so beautiful as always!

One scary thing though, Just was holding Beckham and our very expensive camera and fell flat on his back! I seriously thought that he was unconscious, Beckham was screaming his head off and I thought he broke his arm! But all in all just a good scare.

We always go to Hardware ranch too!

Just look at these beauties!

We also go sledding, to a movie, Christmas with my Dad, but i thought that I'd stop here because that's too many pictures! You get the idea though... lots of memories and good times!


Heather said...

What a fun Christmas. I love the pj's! I can't believe you made them. You are just so talented!

Bethany said...

Yay for sewing your PJs ... whatever you're not talented. You rock! It looks like you guys had a great time.

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

FUN!!! I'm so glad the boys didn't get hurt when they fell.

Just dandee said...

What an awesome Christmas!!! Love the PJ's. Glad no harm done on the fall. Psst. LOVED your Christmas tree.