Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow I'm a baby!

Yesterdays post was really an over-reaction on my emotions. I tend to always look on the downfall of EVERYTHING. Our life really isn't as bad as I put it, we've done so many fun things this past month so I want to make a happy post about that. And even though we're going through times of trial I can honestly say that we are being blessed by the Savior in so many ways! We just have to be patient and learn from all of this. I know that God won’t put us through something you can’t handle. He knows we have the capability to get through it. But I've learned we can’t do it all by ourselves, we have had to know and use our resources, like the Ensign, B.O.M and conference talks. We can’t give in to the Devil, even just a little bit, or everything will go down. Not just our faith that everything will be okay, but our abilities to count on the Lord and our potential to help others.


As you all know we LOVE taking pictures and these next 2 are some recent favs...

Oh, the brick wall. We've gone here many times!

We took this one using a ghetto studio setup in the house but I love the pic.

Did you notice my new music pod on my sidebar? (I've been listening to those songs a lot lately) Well anyway this is my I-pod boy. Beckham has a love for music, He usually listens to "Life is a Highway" by Rascall Flatts or Primary songs with "popcorn popping" being his favorite

LOL. I love this picture... we went bowling with Beckham and I couldn't stop laughing! Look at his face! He was like this the entire time. Everytime he wouldn't get a strike he would say ah man and he would look like this.

I was able to go to Las Vegas for work/play and my mom was able to come with me. My sister went as well and she modeled for me at circus circus. We took some PUNK pics of her. This one was my favorite. Also we went to the Valley of Fire Ntl. park and were able to see indian ruins. The view was AMAZING, these pictures do it no justice!!!

And finally we were able to go to baby animal days last week! Oh how I love it. I was seriously not wanting to leave. Beckham held every animal on a farm from chickens, cows, pigs, goats and bunnies. He even held a ball python. Yikes! He also tried BBQ larva. (dried bug rolled in BBQ flavoring) He sure doesn't take after me on that one. YUCK! Justin enjoyed eating them though, he'll eat anything but beets. I'll eat beets over bugs anyday!


Heather said...

Beckham is a total cutie. I love all the pics. Don't worry we are entitled to have happy days and sad ones too!

Heather said...

Sometimes it feels good to get it all out! We love you guys and hope that things will start to look up for you and your family!

I love all of the pics you took this month. You have done some pretty fun things!

Darwin and Kiara said...

I love your outlook on things, Jamie. Totally inspiring and right on the spot! We all feel like we're being hit by an emotional/trial laden hurricane sometimes, but we always tend to come through it. Keep your chin up! The Lord is on your side! :) The pictures are adorable! I love them, and Beckham is absolutely precious!!