Monday, February 9, 2009

Very Sad

So pretty much all of my blogging buddies went private and they forgot to invite me. (well i'm hoping they just forgot). Tear!


aLeXis said...

One of them is ME, but I haven't invited you ONLY because I don't have your email address. I posted a comment back on one of your DARLING Valentine's idea posts to tell you to send me your email address. BUT I never heard from I was sad...because I thought you didn't want an invite. ;) Silly girls!

Anyway I am sorry. My last post was pretty much directed to it is funny you haven't even seen it. Okay, will you send me your email, so I can send you an INVITE???

Oh, you didn't need to bring over a Thank You, but the CARD was SO CUTE! You are so talented! I hope you had a GREAT birthday.

Rider Girl said...

Hey! this is morgan hancock! i need to get your email address! and i need to give you mine! Mine is