Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You'd think that i'd have some free time huh?

Well I don't...
First off, I'm proud to say that i have another nephew! His name is Boston and he was born on April 30! He was exactly 7 lbs and too cute! I wasn't able to be at the hospital because Justin and
I had a appt. with some photography clients, but i was there that next day as soon as i could. The Mom is doing great and doesn't look like she just had a baby!

The Second reason why i have no time is becuase, I was in Park City with Digital Scrapbook Memories http://www.digitalscrapbookmemories.com/!
I was teaching classes that taught people how to digital scrapbook. I had a lot of fun, but i was sure tired by the end of the weekend.

The THIRD reason, is because I had three birthdays in the last 2 weeks, my moms, jennifers, and a party for the next door neighboor boy. I love this picture of my mom, my brother got
her an automatic cat poop scooper and this is the drawing my brother did for her as a card... it was funny!

The FOURTH reason, CARS>>>>>> we did my sons entire room in Cars! Not only do i get the pleasure of watching the movie everyday, i get to see it everyday! He LOVES it though, so it's okay. It took us about 3 hours to do the entire room and i think that it completely transformed it. Now all we need is to get curtains, bedding, and a big asprin for my design headache. LOL.

The last reason is fun! Justin and I took my mom, jen, Karen and Clair to the Real Salt Lake Game to see DAVID BECKHAM!!! We had the best seats ever! We were front row joe! Right on the corner and you'd think that we'd get a corner kick from David Beckham? Nope... Never... not once. But he did score twice and it was soo cool to see him bend it!
Well, i hope you enoyed reading the catch up!
Loves, Jamers


Jason & Kelli West said...

Jamie, my oh my girl, you have been busy!! Looks though for th emost part that it is FUN busy!! it was so nice to meet you finally up at the retreat!! You are such a cute girl1!! I hope life slows down a little bit for you. It is always nice to get a break now and then! :)

BrendaBBL said...

Jamie YOU ROCK! I love the before and after shots of Beckhams room. I am inching my way towards digital scrapbooking so we will have to talk next time I see you. AND...Beckham has changed so much. Maybe its the hair. He has alot of hair now! Keep the posts coming!! Love ya!

Renae said...

Cute Pictures!! Cute Blog!! So they named him Boston?!? I wonder if Scott or Jenny have ever thought of that as a possible future name? I love Beckham's room ... especially the before and after pics. So what did your favorite Aunt give you for your graduation? HHhmmmmmmmmmm. Your Aunt better get busy! Hope to see you sometime soon.