Friday, May 30, 2008

Life in the FAST LANE>>>>

From my last post we've had so many photo shoots, i've designed 4 baby announcements for clients and I feel like i'm going to burst!

Beckham is starting to put words together and it's the cutest thing ever! He has been saying mommy.. dank koo (thank you)... mommy... woove woo (love you) My heart melts every time.

Justin and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on Saturday (our real anniversary was on sunday so yeah) and we had so much fun! We spent the entire day and night just the two of us! It was so weird not to worry about Beckham, We went to the movies, dinner, shopping, and we ate ice cream to 2 movies that we rented.


Bennington's said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Sounds like you had a good time. It's good to hear that you are busy, even though it seems like to much at the time. Also, love the Cars themed bedroom, you guys did a great job.

Amy said...

Hey Jamie!! How are you? I wanted you to know I tagged you on my blog!! Hope thats okay. :)

Bleu and Mickaela said...

Jamie! How are you?? I've missed you and I can't believe we still have not been able to go out yet! What a crazy summer it has been! send me your email so we can keep in touch. What are your plans for the summer??

Hamblin said...

Thanks gals! I sure miss all of you