Thursday, April 15, 2010

Activity Days

I have no idea what they were thinking but I have a new calling. I've been trying for the last year or so to connect with the older gals that I teach in Relief Society (yeah I'm pretty much the youngest why they think I had life experiences I don't know?) now I have to try and connect with 8 year olds! No offense relief society friends but the 8 year olds are so fun! Although I need to start watching Hannah Montana and iCarly to have something to talk about LOL. So I hope that you all can bare with me because I'm going to be posting my ideas and thoughts here, that way if you have 8 year old girls or if you're just a good friend you can help me! ;)

Last night was our first activity without the old leaders holding my hand and it went okay i guess. I'm always harder on myself but aren't we all? I ended up having to come up with a few other games to play to buy time. It's really hard when half of the girls leave 25 minutes in to go to soccer or dance. ah ha idea #1 send a sheet around with what days work best for the girls (but keep in mind my schedule and also Sis Martin).

So on with last night....

This is what I took around to the girls with a brown Lunch bag...
I made it with the the kit ain't she sweet by gg digital designs.

I was so happy when the girls showed up with their bags. It was really cool to see what they were interested in. Most of the girls had stuffed animals. Which I can remember having a collection of and a lot of them had books. That one surprised me because I didn't enjoy reading until I got older. Like say 4 years ago. They all liked to do crafts too so I need to keep that in my brain on file! After everyone took a turn we played one of my childhood favorites ...........

Don't eat Pete of course!

This was also made using the kit ain't she sweet by gg digital designs.

With this activity Fae and I really needed to learn about the girls, get their names down and the get to know you bag really helped I think. They loved don't eat pete and I think that they left on a gummy bear rush. Hopefully they could all still eat dinner. (ooops). After most of the girls left I asked them what games they liked to play but all they wanted to do was play tag so I talked them into another game due to the fact tag isn't appropriate in the church. So we hid their stuffed animals and had them try and find them. Which again they loved. I love these girls we can do anything and they enjoy it!

Also just a side note, my brain was really going yesterday. I made a don't eat Pete for Boys! Some days Beckham decides that dinner is going to kill him if he eats it so I turned this into a game on those nights where he won't eat. It worked like a charm last night. We just put his dinner food on the squares and played don't eat Pete, he ate almost all of it and then we played it with a few skittles for his treat. Today I think we might play it with his lunch and have a go at it again today. You could also do this with fruit call it "don't eat fruit" or even veggies although we all like veggies in our family. (besides me I don't like cooked spinach or asparagus) Also on the days where the kids want to play it with candy put cheese or any healthy snack! Any who enough of my rambling here is the boy version........

I made this one using the kit backyard boys from gg digital designs.

(Note I laminated the don't eat Pete games so I can clean them really well so they can be food safe!)

Also if I get enough requests I'll make the game into a template so you all can enjoy it with your families! ;)


Heather said...

K so I'm totally clueless.... how do you play "don't eat pete"? I know Jaylee had so much fun with you guys yesterday. She loves activity days. She was so sad when I told her she wouldn't beable to stay the whole time because of dance. I know fitting around schedules is hard. I like your idea of seeing if there is a better time/night for everyone though.
You are so dang cute, you will be awesome with this calling. I'm so excited for Jaylee that she has such a cool leader.
PS eight year olds are pretty easy to please, they do LOVE crafts!
So from this mom, thank you for all that you do for them. Your bag idea was darling (so were the invites)and I really appreciated all the work you put into it.

Bethany said...

Darling. I knew, when they called you, that you would be a prefect fit. It will be so much fun to see what you do.

And just a fun idea to share ... my mom had a modest fashion show with her girls when she was activity days leader. The mom and daughter each modeled an outfit (maybe two?) and someone read a little blurb about it. She said it ended up being really cute.

jill said...

See???? This is a perfect fit for you!! These girls are so lucky to have you! (I have no idea who the other leaders were, so no disrespect there. I can't keep up on who is in what calling. Ever. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. The poor bishopric. Yow!)

I love the game and that was a genius idea to use it for dinner! I'd love have the template for them for my kids. Especially Ari. With the amount of food she eats, it amazes me how much energy she has.

Great job, Jamie!! You are going to have so much fun!

Jason & Kelli West said...

AHHHHHH......DONT EAT PETE!!! I use to play that all the time. those "pete" boards are cute. I would have loved to have had you as an activity days leader. You are so fun Jaime and make the cutest things. Plus you are super nice and so sweet. The girls will LOVE you. Good luck with all of that. Hey, I will be seeing you tommorrow! :)