Monday, March 9, 2009

Design Star Challenge at

So I decided to enter this contest at and today they had the first cut! Well I made it... I was freaking out. More than 100 people entered and only 24 made it to round 2! Go here and scroll down to find out what # I am, then go here to see my kit and download it.

(note you have to register to see the kits... it's free to become a member/register)

If you do register make sure you tell them I sent you! :)


Amy said...

wow Jamie!! Good job! your kit is super cute!

Angie said...

Jamie-I am so glad you made the cut there was some stiff competition. I think your kit is beautiful!!! I am rooting for you girl! You will do awesome.

Heather said...

Your kit is beautiful! You are so talented!

Alisha Shaw said...

Congrats!! Post your images on here girl!