Wednesday, January 9, 2008


WOW... talk about a long time going without posting.... A lot of things have happened in our little world. Christmas came and went. New Years, and I’ve even started school... which is by far the dumbest thing that I can do (or at least I think so) I forgot how much time and effort you put into school and to think that I still have to be in charge of things at home... yikes... I’m going to loose my mind. Of course I saved my last four classes to be the hardest! It is so lame... I've got so much home work in every class! Oh well, it's just a few months and I will have my degree and everything will be back to normal! Beckham is completely growing up too fast! He is starting to throw little tantrums and WOW he's good... I called mom and asked if I was like this... and she said... Jamie all babies throw tantrums... I couldn't believe my ears... lol. Justin is still working hard trying to support the family and bless his heart he's doing so well! Well till the next time we meet....

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